Purchasing replica items via PayPal

Online payment methods have significantly contributed to the supply of imitation products. PAYPAL plays important multiple roles in online replica market as it enables suppliers to reach a global clientele base.

Currently, a sizable number of suppliers accept payment through PayPal, however; most suppliers still rely on Western Union. Western Union came in handy on the on start of online replica particularly in China. This is because Western Union enabled massive payments for wholesale purchases and drop shipping. Pay Pal is quickly becoming popular and even surpassing Western Union thanks to the fact that it has no senseless limitations. Additionally PayPal is also extremely safe and also offers a reliable payment system that is readily available and easily accessible. PayPal plays a vital role in sustaining an online retail and wholesale outlet of replica products. Thanks to numerous satisfied users, PayPal is gaining trust and faith among many global suppliers of replica products.

In the beginning PayPal was only popular among small suppliers of replica watches in China mostly because of its high security and safe measures. Before the onset o PayPal many China scammers took advantage of clients by failing to make deliveries or even worse delivering substandard, low quality products that did not meet expectations. PayPal came in and literally made the trading of replicas legit by giving customers a reliable payment platform that was safe and secure. In fact customers started relying on PayPal for payment of replica products. Suffice to say, PayPal Corporation made loads of money from the sale of replicas. PayPal gained a reputation for promoting the sale of luxury replicas.

PayPal promoting the sale of replica products made the replicas even more popular than branded genuine products. This was not good news for brand corporations that sell only genuine products. To counter the promotion and over sale of replica products through PayPal Brand Corporations was claimed by many brand corporations that aimed at ensuring it ceased promoting and selling replicas. Since 2008, it is actually forbidden to insert words such as fake and replica on PayPal. Additionally, PayPal does not even allow an account to be associated with the sale and promotion of replica products through affiliation of replica websites.

Banning of replica selling on PayPal led to the creation of an innovative way of selling replica items called Jump Technology; this technology was developed between 2007 and 2010. Jump Technology enabled customers to purchase replica items on PayPal but pay for them under another name to disguise them PayPal caught on and it is now extremely risky and unreliable to use Web Jump Technology in the trade of replica items.

PayPal accounts using Web Jump Technology to trade replica items thrived between 2007 and 2010; at this point in time such PayPal accounts offered excellent and high quality replicas to many demanding customers. PayPal is now limiting such accounts. Accounts using Web Jump Technology rarely operate on PayPal for more than three months.

Is there reliable and effective way to pay for replica items through PayPal?

Since PayPal is now limiting any accounts suspected of trading in replica items, it is pertinent to develop a reliable way to make payment for replicas without risking limitation. It was not easy to develop a way to enable replica item purchase via PayPal because:

· PayPal easily and quickly detects the use of Web Jump Technology and any account deemed suspicious is limited within the first three months of operation.

· PayPal does not allow the use of words such as fake and replica or even imitation; these words are neither allowed in the information section of the products or the on the payment invoice. Furthermore even the brand names they are imitating cannot be included. If PayPal detects the mention or inclusion of such words, the accounts are cancelled/limited /frozen.

Despite these challenges we developed a creative and innovative way to enable the sale of high-quality replicas. We aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction by informing customers adequately about the replicas and refunding in case customer qualifications are not met. Here is an effective way to purchase high-quality replica items through PayPal. If you love replica items, here is a step by step guideline on how you can pay for them via PayPal

1. Go to the website that sells replica items

2. Take down the information ; pictures of the replica items you want and their names

3. Check out the actual cost and subtract any discount

4. Send the payment to the sellers PayPal account

5. Desist from including any brand information in the PayPal payment

6. Send the email that details the payment to the supplier. The email should contain quantity, name, pictures. This email should also include important details such as buyers phone number, zip code, name and address.

7. The suppliers will send the goods ASAP after checking the email and receiving payment

8. Checks if they meet your expectations in terms of quality

Tips that come in handy when purchasing replica watches through PayPal

Avoid writing words such as �imitation’, replica and fake on PayPal

Desist from writing the name of the brand being imitated on PayPal.

The name of the website should not feature anywhere on the PayPal information

All complaimts concerning quality should be communicated via email not on PayPal